No equality on a dying planet

While we are striving to settle the most contraversial issues just now, maybe worth considering the words of Sisie Orbach, by way of context? “With a broken planet, we will have no gay rights, no feminism, no respect for trans people, no attempt at fairness and justice for people of colour.Brutality is only kept at… Continue reading No equality on a dying planet

Exasperated trans Labour supporter

I listened yesterday to a radio debate between an AllianceLGB ‬spokesperson and a journalist applauding some Labour Leadership candidates for signing a pledge calling on the Party to expel “transphobic” members. A trans caller made an interesting contribution, saying that women are women, an immutable biological fact, and trans women are trans women, not women.… Continue reading Exasperated trans Labour supporter

Tories Ape Trump

Watching some aspects of the election with a sort of morbid curiosity, you can’t deny the Tories’ tactics aren’t fascinating. They saw Trump and how he won, looked at our voters, and calculated. They clearly think there is a big enough section of the electorate that will let them do similar. The likes of Rees-Mogg… Continue reading Tories Ape Trump

Trouble With Palm Oil


Appropriating natural habitats for agricultural use is a leading cause of thousands of species going extinct every year. Orangutans are unwitting ambassadors for those species that are, or soon will be, sent into oblivion. Expanding and new palm oil plantations, probably the most important vegetable oil of all, is the main driver of deforestation in… Continue reading Trouble With Palm Oil

EU Referendum decision is simple – and all about war

Possibly the single best reason for Britain’s continued membership of the European Union (EU) is that the EU prevents wars. Following war between France and Germany three times in 70 years (arguably four), the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC ) was founded shortly after World War 2 by six nations, making them industrially and economically… Continue reading EU Referendum decision is simple – and all about war

Your holiday snaps may not breach copyright after all – update

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Update on my post about your holiday snaps possibly soon infringing EU copyright laws. Labour MEP, Derek Vaughan has told me the EU committee vote that wanted to take away some of your rights to photograph buildings and monuments has no legal effect. But the European Commission will propose a wide-ranging copyright reform by the… Continue reading Your holiday snaps may not breach copyright after all – update