No equality on a dying planet

While we are striving to settle the most contraversial issues just now, maybe worth considering the words of Sisie Orbach, by way of context?

“With a broken planet, we will have no gay rights, no feminism, no respect for trans people, no attempt at fairness and justice for people of colour.
Brutality is only kept at bay by the rule of law and by there being a critical number of educated people, in work, healthy and worth enough money and food to keep them invested in society. (The Climate Emergency and the End of Diversity, Matthew Todd)
Law and order only holds as long as it serves people, as long as they can feed themselves and their families. All consideration of equality and decency disappears in the face of desperation.

We participate in activities that are often against our self interest. We are seduced into thinking that uncomfortable things will go away or that “science” will solve the problems. But it’s not accurate and the urgency upon us means we need to engage with our own denial.
(Climate Sorrow, Sisie Orbach)

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