Private sector – not enough jobs!

On 9th May 2012 I went to an economic debate arranged by “Insider Wales”, who provide news on business in Wales.

I asked, “Do you think the private sector [in North Wales] can provide enough jobs to make up for the cuts in public sector empl;oyment?”

Panel responses were illuminating.

  • Institute of Directors North Wales Chair: “Of course not! And why would you want them anyway? They were from the public sector, would you really want people like that in your organisation?”
  • Deeside Enterprise Zone Interim Board Chair: “No, that was just wishful thinking, it was never really possible.”
  • Watkin Jones Group Managing Director: “No. In the private sector we believe we can do the work with fewer people, so of course not.”
  • CBI Noth Wales Chair: “No, but There Is No Alternative [remember Thatcher’s TINA mantra?]. But if we improve the business environment there may be more jobs.”

It would be a funny old world if anyone actually swallowed that line in the first place!

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