Fish feel fear and pain, just like us

Fish feel fear and pain, the clear scientific evidence is shows this is the  same as for mammals and birds, yet they are treated as insentient beings and made to suffer in a way we would call torture and find totally unacceptable on land.

It is staggering that a so-called civilised and rational society still sees the oceans as a big larder. Globally, an estimated one to three trillion wild-caught fishes and 37 – 120 billion farmed fishes are killed commercially for food each year. Hundreds of millions more are killed for “sport” each year, and so it goes on.

If this completely unsustainable and cruel exploitation concerns you, please read this:

I find it hard to understand how we can still collectively accept the staggeringly huge waste of marine life and the extraordinarily cruel way sea creatures are killed (the lucky ones are suffocated).

The definition of “sustainability” should be extended to include the suffering caused by our choices to other creatures and to more honestly assess the waste of lives and habitats.

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