Happy Crimbo everybody!

In yet another fantastic show of how completely out of touch with the real world the millionaires who populate the Cabinet really are, they have decided to rename “Asbos”.

In future, ne’er do wells will compete to see who can collect a “Crimbo”, and all the little children will be happy. But if you are a rich twit who spent the Festive hols singing carols around the grand piano with mumsie and pater, or fagging at some elite school, you probably don’t know “Crimbo” is a name children associate with Christmas.

But, then, the millionaires who govern us thought it OK to

  • put more tax on pasties
  • cut top taxes and take the money off pensioners
  • keep energy prices high to pay big profits to nuclear power station operators
  • cut police numbers
  • and the lst goes on…

They would be funny, if only their policies weren’t so devastating to the peopleof Britain, hundreds of thousands of which are losing their jobs and having their incomes slashed.

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